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Vinyl Banners FAQ

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Today, we're going to inform you on some different things to consider and give you some insight on vinyl banners.

What color banners do you have?

     Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black & White

Do you recommend a specific color for my banner?

     We recommend that you choose a color that will match & contrast your background colors.  For instance if you are hanging a banner against a white building or wall, do not choose a white banner.  You want your banner to pop and draw attention so that your audience notices your call to action.

How long will my vinyl banner last?

   Banners are generally meant to be used for short term advertising.  However, depending on your weather conditions your vinyl banner could last as long as a full year or even longer.  To extend the life of your banner, we recommend to avoid direct sunlight, high winds and extreme temperature changes if possible.

What is the difference between 10oz or 13oz banners?

     Banners come in different weights & thickness.  At GoVinyl.com our most popular weight is 13oz banners.  These have great reinforced double stitched hems which make them tough and reliable!

How do I hang my banner?

     All our banners come with brass grommets spaced approx. every 24" across the top and bottom of the banners.  This allows for easy hanging.  You can use rope, zip ties, bungee cords or if you plan on having banners displayed more frequently we offer a Banner Trak system for purchase.  Our clients LOVE this kit as it makes hanging and replacing banners a SNAP!!  Contact us for more information on the Banner Trak.

Can I order a blank banner so my school can create an art project with paint on it?

     Absolutely, we can sell blank banners without any vinyl lettering on them so you are able to create your very own project.

How do I clean my banner?

     Simply use a damp towel to wipe away any dirt or residue build-up.

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